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Texas enforces social-emotional learning in all public schools

The Texas school board of education is trying to reinforce social-emotional learning, with many kids returning to in-person learning. This is a way to lessen the burden of the pandemic.  

Dr. Edith Trevino travels to school districts across Texas and in the Valley, helping to enforce what’s called social-emotional learning.

The subject is now implemented from elementary school through high school. Dr. Trevino says she is noticing more students are fearful about catching the virus, as well as feeling overwhelmed with being back in a school setting.

Even though school is just starting, she believes some students are already in what she calls “crisis mode.” Trevino says teachers are on the front lines of the emotional battle, oftentimes being the first ones to point out when something is wrong. And although this may save a child’s life, it can also be stressful on the teacher.

“We first need to take care of ourselves and then be at that moment where we can support all of our students,” Dr. Trevino said.

For those battling the trauma of going to school in a pandemic, Dr. Trevino encourages parents and staff at schools to speak to kids about how and when they should speak up as well as keeping in mind that it’s ok to ask for help.



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