Friday, September 22, 2023
Home Business Brownsville receives $1M from Elon Musk

Brownsville receives $1M from Elon Musk

True to his word, Elon Musk has donated another million for the ongoing renovation of downtown Brownsville. 

Thanks to Musk’s Foundation, The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation has been working towards revamping the downtown area and filling up the unoccupied historical buildings.  

The money is distributed through BCIC Brownsville Improvement and Growth (BIG) grant programs that focus on updating the interior and façade of buildings intended to later be used for commerce and/or housing. 

“A lot of these older buildings are not equipped with utilities, electrical, plumbing, so it’s to assist with that. As well as to activate the second floors to help with elevators and make them ADA compliant, additional entry or exit,” said Cori Pena, BCIC Director of Community Development.

Pena hopes the available assistance will attract a variety of new businesses hoping to expand or those hoping to start a second location.



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